Warmer temperatures mean more pollen in the air. Getty Images Parents of a U.K. teen who died from allergic asthma are sharing his story in hopes to prevent more deaths from the condition. But can a pollen allergy really lead to death? It’s very common for pollen to trigger allergic reactions and asthma episodes.Read More →

Waking up in pain, groggy from a poor night’s sleep, can affect your mood, performance, and your health. Chronic back pain and poor sleep are two incredibly common, well, bedfellows. There are many different facts that can explain poor sleep and if you think your mattress has something to doRead More →

The Nutrition Facts label was created to give us, the consumer, insight into what’s in our foods, from how much sodium and fiber is in a box of cereal to how many servings are in a carton of milk. Knowing this information can help you track macronutrients, ensure you’re gettingRead More →