Digestion, Weight Loss And More; Here’s How Jaljeera May Benefit You

Digestion, Weight Loss And More; Here's How Jaljeera May Benefit You

  • It is important to keep the body hydrated during summers
  • Jaljeera is a delicious and healthy summer drink
  • Jaljeera helps in keeping digestive issues at bay

Gone are the winter days when you wanted to snuggle inside a blanket with your favourite cup of hot chocolate. It is summer time and the markets are brimming with seasonal produce, be it vegetables or fruits. While it is important to eat seasonal fruits and vegetables to get in the required nutrients, it is equally important to keep the body well-hydrated, especially during summer days. During summers, we often have to take extra efforts to maintain our health as the extreme weather conditions and heat could lead to dehydration or even digestive issues. In order to steer clear of all these things, you can bring to your rescue one wonder drink that not only acts as a summer cooler, but is also replete with digestive and healing properties. We are talking about jaljeera.

As the name suggests, jaljeera is made using jeera or cumin as its prime ingredient. Its digestive and cooling properties make it a hit in summer months. Oh, and a lot of mint leaves also go in making of this drink, which further help promote digestion and also keep bloating and acidity at bay.

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If you are someone who is already on a weight loss diet or plan to shed some extra kilos, pay attention here as this summer cooler may turn out to be beneficial for you; thanks to the presence of cumin in it. According to the book ‘Healing Foods’, by DK Publishing House, “Cumin helps fortify digestive tract, relieving nausea, bloating and constipation”. A healthy digestion is key to weight loss. Other than this, the thymol content present in cumin helps in detoxifying the body as well.

During summers, you are most likely to spot various roadside stalls selling this delicious beverage. However, the quality of water and ingredients that are used at these roadside stalls cannot be really trusted upon. Hence, you can always prepare the same in the comforts of your kitchen as well. All you need is few basic kitchen ingredients along with chilled water and you have a stellar summer cooler ready right in front of you. Here’s an easy recipe for you to make jaljeera at home.

So add this beverage in your list of summer coolers and make the most of summer season while it lasts.

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